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about ice sculptor Dawson List

Dawson is the owner and primary ice sculptor for ice dragon. Most ice dragon ice sculptures are created start to finish by Dawson, who has over 20 years experience making ice art.

Dawson first learned to sculpt ice under the tutelage of Chef Victor Rede during a summer job at a hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Soon after, Dawson began taking part in ice sculpting competitions and later attended a short series of classes taught by three time national champion Mark Daukas. In 1998, Dawson moved to New Orleans and started ice dragon ice sculptures, following several years of success as a full time ice sculptor in Albuquerque. While creating sculptures for events in the New Orleans/Gulf Coast region, Dawson has remained active in ice sculpting competitions and major ice sculpture events. Dawson has earned both ACF and NICA gold medals in competition and has competed at four ice sculpting world championships, earning with his teammates 2nd place and 6th place at events in Alaska and a People's Choice Award in Sweden. Dawson has also worked on large ice sculpture displays in Belgium, Germany, the Caribbean, and California. In 2010, he and his teammates set a Guinness World Record for the world's longest ice bar as well as another record for the tallest freestanding ice luge. Through a close association with Ice Pro Ice Sculptures of Florida, Dawson also has worked on the largest permanent ice bar in the U.S., ICEBAR Orlando.

Much more about Dawson’s ice experiences can be found on our popular blog about the art of sculpting ice:, which has been a major online resource for ice sculptors since 2009.