abstract Mother's Day design confuses and delights

abstract Mother's Day ice sculpture design
Can you tell what this is? One gentleman was happy to share what he thought about this ice sculpture. He didn’t know that he was talking to the sculptor… Read More...

Colonel Reb lives on in ice! (again)

Colonel Reb ice sculpture
Colonel Reb, the venerable former mascot of Ole Miss (the current mascot is a black bear) is a popular request for wedding ice sculptures. Not surprisingly, these weddings are usually in Mississippi (but not always). Read More...

Santa Claus demo at Gulf Breeze Zoo

Dawson List with Santa Claus ice sculpture at Gulf Breeze Zoo
And here I thought I was being sneaky during this ice sculpting demo. But I underestimated the intelligence of my young audience, especially of one little girl... Read More...

pre-Cinco saquaro tequila luge

saguaro ice luge for tequila
With a double tequila luge saguaro ice sculpture, this fundraiser seemed like a dry run for Cinco de Mayo, which was only about 2 1/2 weeks away... Read More...

groom's ice cream bar

A new twist on a recent trend: instead of a groom’s cake, there was a groom’s ice cream bar at this wedding reception. And boy, did they take it all the way... Read More...