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for brides (and grooms!)

Are you thinking about adding the crystalline elegance of ice sculptures to your reception? Here are some reasons why you won’t regret asking ice dragon to help make your day the special one that it should be.

value (cost vs. impact): You can spend thousands of dollars on other sorts of decoration that won’t make anywhere near the same impression that a high quality ice sculpture will. Guests will want to take photos in front of a properly placed sculpture and they’ll want to touch it to make sure that it’s ice!

high quality sculptures: Dawson List of ice dragon is recognized as one of the best ice sculptors in the U.S. He’s placed in both world and national sculpture competitions, most recently leading his team to 6th place at the 2009 World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks. You’re guaranteed to be happy with the quality of your ice sculpture.

creative sculpture designs: Dawson is also recognized as one of the top ice sculpture designers around. Ice sculptors around the world use his designs for their own sculptures. Your sculpture(s) will receive the same thoughtful, artistic touch that takes an ice dragon ice sculpture to the next level.

expert presentation: We’ll ask the right questions and make the right recommendations to make sure that your sculpture is presented in the best possible way for your reception.

personalization: Many of our designs incorporate names or a monogram so that your sculpture will truly be your sculpture: a unique and beautiful work of ice created to celebrate one of the most important events in your life!
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Maybe you know that you want an ice sculpture, but you’re not sure what you should get or where it should go. Here are some of the ways that ice sculptures are used at wedding receptions.

entryway or guestbook piece: What better way to set the tone for your event than to have a spectacular ice sculpture at the entrance to your reception?

buffet centerpiece: If you’re serving your food on a buffet, then an ice sculpture is a great way to decorate the table. An ice sculpture is a beautiful, vertical element that attracts your guests to your buffet.

for balance: Is there a spot at your reception that just needs something? Do you need to block an unused entryway or balance out an important element like your wedding cake? You can turn a problem area into an asset with an elegant ice sculpture.
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ice luge for a martini bar: An ice luge makes a martini bar more fun! In recent years, luges have shown up at all kinds of high end events. A luge incorporating your names or monogram is a simple way to turn a trip to the bar into an experience! Click the link to see some of our ice luges.

ice bar: Take your martini bar to the next level by making the entire bar out of ice! The center of the bar can feature your names or monogram and we’ll freeze a special ice luge to the bar surface, creating a memorable experience for your guests when they visit the bar! Check out some examples of ice bars by ice dragon.
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special symbol: An obvious example of this is your monogram in ice, if you have one. Another example would be something that’s special to both of you. Let’s say your fiance proposed to you beneath the Eiffel Tower, or you’re going to Paris for your honeymoon. Is there a better way to bring that special detail to your reception than with a spectacular Eiffel Tower ice sculpture?

pets: Well, you probably shouldn’t bring your golden retriever to the reception, but if he really is a part of the family, maybe he can be there in spirit as an ice sculpture! Believe it or not, some of the most talked about pieces that we’ve done for receptions have been of special family pets.

for the groom: Even though it’s her day, the groom gets a little bit of attention too. Just as groom’s cakes have become more elaborate, we’ve recently been creating sculptures just for him. Examples include military symbols, fraternity letters, and sports and hunting-themed pieces. Also, these sculptures are often a bride’s special surprise for her groom.

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mascots and school emblems: Maybe the two of you and many of your guests went to the same school. Mascots and other school-oriented sculptures have lately been showing up at receptions. Because many of the guests can relate to the sculpture too, these pieces have been a big hit!

food presentation: Cold foods such as seafood, sushi, and caviar are often presented in ice bowls, trays, clamshells, or even ice gator heads. In fact, the entire table can be made out of ice if you like!

floral presentation: Ice and floral go together very well. Ice vases and pedestals are among the most popular ice sculptures and dazzling floral displays look even more impressive atop an elegant work of ice. Some examples.

small table centerpieces: Mini-ice sculptures make unusual and beautiful table centerpieces. Pricing is usually competitive with other types of centerpieces and just think, each table can have it’s own sculpture!
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