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Usually, one of our ice sculptures IS the presentation, but ice can also be a striking way to present other party essentials like food and drink. A freestanding ice bar or table can be a magnificent stage for chilled seafood or ice cold martinis. We'll often customize the front of the bar or table with a logo, monogram, or personal message. There are many options for the bar top or tabletop as well. A bar top might have a custom ice luge and some bottle holders, while a tabletop might be accessorized with ice bowls or trays to present the chilled food display.

ice bars & tables

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Our ice bars are frequently paired with one or more ice luges that are frozen to its surface. And once you add the ice luges, the ice bar becomes a martini or shot bar. The luges and the bar itself can be styled just about any way you want and can incorporate a couple's monogram, or a corporate logo, for example. The bar can be just about any size you want (our longest was 209 feet!) and straight, rectangular, or even circular.

Rather than as liquor bars, ice bars can also be used as freestanding oyster or seafood bars. New Orleans and the Gulf Coast are well known for fantastic fresh seafood and it's tough to beat the presentation that an elegantly styled ice bar offers.
Ice bars and tables can be just about any height necessary and can also be designed to sit on top of a table. Multiple levels are also possible and bar and table accessories can include ice trays, ice bowls, bottle holders, speed racks, ice luges (of course), and even ice glassware and shot glasses.

Some of the funnest and most interesting ice bars we make are "special shapes" or have items frozen into the ice. For example, we built an abominable snowman ice bar for a Halloween event and a Super Bowl ice bar had miniature helmets of all the NFL teams frozen into the bar surface. The LSU Tigers vs. Florida Gators concept was one we wish we had had the chance to sculpt. Alas, the event didn't go through...