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We have been a part of some BIG ice sculpting projects! Most recently, we were part of a team that created the world's longest ice bar and largest ice luge at the World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska! After the Saints got their first world championship, Dawson of ice dragon sculpted a 9 foot tall ice statue of MVP quarterback Drew Brees to commemorate the victory and generate money for charity. Back in 2004, Dawson nearly won a world championship in Alaska as part of a team that created a 24 foot tall warrior sculpture titled "Ancestral Spirit." Other projects have included a 14 foot tall Statue of Liberty and oversized sculptures of Moses and the angel Gabriel at large ice sculpture events in Europe.

BIG ice

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When you're working on very large ice sculptures, it makes sense to go where the ice is! So, we've headed north to special events in Alaska, Canada, and Sweden for some of our larger projects. In most cases, the ice used in these places is natural ice, but not always. Natural ice blocks (harvested from pond quarries) at these events can be huge, as big as 8 foot by 5 foot by 3 foot! That's almost 3.5 tons of ice! And since some of the ice sculptures require many blocks, we're talking about an awful lot of ice!

You don't necessarily have to go north to see amazing large-scale ice sculptures, however. On occasion, you'll find indoor ice sculpture extravaganzas as far south as Florida and Texas. And we've worked on these sorts of events in Belgium and Germany. In addition, we've worked on Ice Bar Orlando, which is the largest permanent ice bar in the world (pictures to come later).