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Many say their age is just a number. But it can also be an ice sculpture! Celebrate your age or how long you've been together with the captivating beauty of a crystalline sculpture. We've done a wide range of birthday sculptures; from a piece for a special boy that just turned one, all the way up to an elegant design for a wonderful grandmother who was celebrating her 100th! Anniversary celebrations tend to come at milestone years, and of course we have some great designs for those as well!

birthday and anniversary sculptures

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Along the lines of birthday and anniversary ice sculptures: reunion sculptures. Particularly for school and greek organization reunions, you're also celebrating some milestone of time, whether it's 10 years or 50 years. (Not many of the latter are on our schedule!) Now, with the connectivity of social media, reunions are easier to coordinate with even far-flung classes. Attendance likely benefits, so make it an event worth attending with an ice sculpture or ice luge!