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Ice and flowers go great together! It's tough to beat the visual impact of an elegantly sculpted ice vase topped by a magnificent floral arrangement! We do many sculptures that are specifically designed to accept flowers; adding floral to a sculpture is often simple and can add a lot to the overall presentation. We will work with your florist so that they understand the sculpture dimensions and can prepare their arrangements ahead of time. We also encourage clients to ask their florist to work with us on sculpture presentations; even just at the base of a sculpture, floral can be a great addition to the overall look.

ice sculptures for floral

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We're big fans of combining flowers with our ice sculptures; the results can be amazing! On more than one occasion, we've done large ice fountains that instead of overflowing with water, were overflowing with flowers. And often we'll create ice vases that are designed to support large flower arrangements. Sometimes, the arrangements are VERY large! (Your florist should watch the video at the bottom of the page to see how we recommend combining their floral arrangements with our ice vases.)

We've included a special video for florists from our friends at Ice Pro Ice Sculptures in Tampa. It shows the easiest way to combine an ice vase with a floral arrangement.