ice bowl from ice dragon ice sculptures with beads frozen into it
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When it is done though, this is what it will say: Ice bowls, beverage dispensers, ice trays, seafood luges…this page is a catchall for all the ways that ice is used to serve food and drink. Except for luges; ice luges have their own page over here…oh, and ice bars & tables have their own page too. So this page is for all the other stuff. That is, until we get too many pics of one of these kinds of things, and then it will get its own category page. So later it could be even more confusing. Sorry.

ice to hold food & drink

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Yes, certainly form follows function, but we spent a little extra time on the form after we got the function going for these ice sculptures. They all do something besides melt, drip, and stand there and look pretty. Mostly they hold some sort of seafood, often shrimp, but a few of them hold and serve libations. Not like an ice luge; those are simpler, more along the lines of fun cocktail delivery devices. These are like crazy punchbowls from down the rabbit hole. Okay, maybe not that crazy. Unless you want them to be…
an Easter egg ice sculpture that serves shrimp
Shrimp spill from a giant blue-lit Easter egg at Metairie Country Club during their Easter brunch.
dual ice towers with a logo between for shrimp service
Youth Rebuilding New Orleans connected shrimp towers at the Roosevelt Hotel
oyster and pearl ice sculpture with the state of Louisiana silhouette
Louisiana state silhouette frozen into an ice pearl that sits in an ice oyster. (The Louisiana State Capitol building is in the background.)
ice trays and a monogram at a wedding in Oxford, MS
tiered trays with monogram at a wedding in Oxford, MS
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