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Holidays mean special events and we have ice sculptures for your special holiday event! From New Year's to Halloween, from Mardi Gras to Thanksgiving, we have lots of creative ice sculpture designs that will help make your event really special. Please take a look at the sculptures below, but also realize that this is only a small sampling of the designs available. And certainly, we are happy to design custom sculptures for your event. Look for more examples of holiday sculptures here soon!

holiday ice sculptures

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December is, of course, one of the busiest months for holiday ice sculptures. With Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year's, it can't get much busier! And because the temperatures are usually much more ice sculpture-friendly, the ice can often stay around a while. Christmas offers the widest variety of possibilities for ice sculptures, but there are still plenty of options for Hanukkah and New Year's Eve.

Depending on when Mardi Gras falls, along the Gulf Coast it might feel like one giant holiday season running from Thanksgiving to Fat Tuesday! Mardi Gras occasionally falls near Valentine's Day as well, so a lot of heart shaped beads on Bourbon Street are the result. Mardi Gras ice sculptures often incorporate luges so they can be used in the festivities.
Spring and summer bring us a smattering of holidays, with our ice sculptures most often showing up at Easter and Mother's Day brunches. But the first ice sculpture Dawson ever carved was for Father's Day. (As a first attempt at ice sculpting, it was fine, but you definitely won't find a picture of it in these galleries!) The Fourth of July is another holiday that might need an ice sculpture. We have several patriotic designs and the offers a nice opportunity to contrast fire and ice.

Of all the holidays, Halloween probably offers the most possibilities for ice sculptures. There are lots of potential designs, from Frankenstein to witches, skeletons to gravestones. And the party atmosphere lends itself to some pretty awesome ice luges. And don't forget the pumpkins! We can sculpt both ice ones and the more traditional ones too!
As Thanksgiving approaches, we finally get a taste of cooler weather on the Gulf Coast after what's usually a long sweltering summer. The threat of storms is finally gone for the year and it really is a time to give thanks and to celebrate a little. For us, this usually means ice sculptures at Thanksgiving brunches. Cornucopias are popular, but so are elaborate turkeys. For ice sculptors, carving a turkey has a somewhat different meaning.