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Ice sculpting competitions give a carver the opportunity to create the most amazing sculpture possible in a given timeframe and with a given amount of ice. Push too hard, however, and the sculpture might collapse into an unrecognizable pile of ice chunks. Competitions can be held in a wide range of temperatures, from brutally cold to ridiculously hot. Dawson List of ice dragon is a veteran competitor and has won awards for his creations from Sweden to Alaska and across the lower 48.

ice sculpting competitions

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The World Ice Art Championships (WIAC) in Fairbanks, Alaska is one of the premier ice sculpting competitions in the world. Carvers work on massive blocks of natural ice and during the multi-block portion of the Championships, teams of carvers work for days on an enormous amount of ice, resulting in huge ice sculptures that might be well over 20 feet tall! We've been fortunate enough to make it up to Fairbanks five times for the Championships and are looking forward to our next opportunity.