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Want to add a messy and loud, but also fast-paced and spectacular attraction to your special event? How about an ice sculpting demo or performance? The snow and ice will fly, and from a giant block of ice, a figure, a logo, or whatever you'd like will emerge with surprising speed. Kids especially love the localized snowstorms that the high-speed power tools create! The timeframe is up to you; some sculptures can be completed in just 10 minutes, while others might take half an hour or even an hour or more. If you have a lot of time to fill, we'll do multiple sculptures or create an extra large piece! Temperature is not an issue; we carve much faster than the ice will melt!

live ice sculpting

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"What are you making?" It's a secret! Usually, we don't let on to what we're making during an ice sculpting demo. Well, okay...we're making an ice sculpture. But, as to what kind of ice sculpture exactly, well you're going to have to guess! And we won't make it easy on you either. Sometimes, we might start by sculpting it upside-down. Other times, it'll be sideways. We also try to hold off on adding really important parts, like maybe the head or something. But when we do freeze things on, it's fun and dramatic, because there's dry ice and lots and lots of fog/smoke from the dry ice!

Fair warning: kids attending our ice sculpting demos will likely end up soaked or covered with "snow." This is only partly because we're trying to spray snow at them. It's actually MOSTLY because they're trying to be sprayed. In fact, you'll often hear "Spray me!" or "I want some snow!" We wonder sometimes if the demos would be even more successful if we didn't bother with the sculpting part and just did the snow spraying part!