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Planning a corporate or other high-profile event? Then you want to make sure that your logo is effectively presented. Why not showcase it in a way that people want to get their picture taken in front of? Using precision engraving techniques and elegant design, we can help you make sure that your logo makes the impact that you're looking for at your special event.

Your design or logo can be presented in a high contrast white-on-ice snowfill technique or we can reproduce your logo in vivid color.

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Let's say you need a special sign for your special event, one that shows off a logo and is specifically for the event. You could spend a lot of money on a sign that looks great, but in the end is just a sign. Instead, why not make a statement and get the logo engraved in ice, along with any customization for that event?

By turning your logo into an ice sculpture, you create a showpiece that people want to get their picture taken next to. And in the age of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, those pictures almost immediately turn into extra free exposure for your brand and event!
We use precise engraving and freeze-in techniques to turn even complicated multi-colored logos into impressive, eye-catching works of ice that people will walk up and touch, just to make sure that "it's really ice!"

To make your logo even more interesting, we can usually turn your ice sculpture into an ice luge. That way your guests will line up to get a shot or a specialty martini dispensed from your logo ice luge! And if you want to take it all the way, we can even make the whole bar out of ice...
Something else to consider: when you print up all that signage for your event, what happens to it afterwards? It probably just gets thrown away. An ice sculpture, on the other hand, melts away, and is not just 100% "recyclable," with the potential to be recycled. It will be recycled, one way or another. And of course, it's also made from 100% recycled materials (unless it has color or there's stuff frozen inside).
Traditionally, ice sculptures are incorporated into a food display such as buffet, with the ice sculpture adding an eye-catching decorative element that can also be used to keep cold foods cold (seafood, such as shrimp or oysters on the half shell, is a popular choice). We have a variety of designs that can integrate your logo into an elaborate ice display that also works well with the food being served.
To turn your logo into ice, we need at least a high quality .jpeg file or camera-ready artwork. We use the same design software that graphic artists use, so the process for designing your ice sculpture is very similar. Adobe Illustrator files, TIFF files, or .pdfs also work as a starting point for your ice sculpture.
And during the sculpture design process, don't be afraid to ask for your logo in full-color! Ice sculptures are incorporating detailed color designs more and more often as techniques and equipment are developed to meet the challenges. And any additional cost is usually quite reasonable considering the added impact that a full color ice sculpture has!
Finally, while discussing your sculpture please make sure that you share any stylistic preferences you have. There are many looks that we can frame your design with, whether it be different textures or design elements. For example, you might see bubbles, scrollwork, or even a chipped look around the edges of the sculpture, and each method frames your design in a slightly different way. We want to match your vision for your sculpture, and the better we understand what's in your mind's eye, the closer we can get!