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If you don't know what an ice luge is, don't worry. You're not the only one. We like to think of it as an ice sculpture with a little extra fun thrown in! An ice luge is the perfect centerpiece for a great martini bar. Rather than a flat bar top with some bottles and glasses, your martini bar will have a magnificent work of ice in the center. And your bartender can serve your guests by pouring martinis (or cosmos, or shots, or your special drink...) through the ice luge!

Many different sorts of sculptures can be made into ice luges. If you don't see something you like here, we will be happy to create a custom luge for you.

ice luges

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There is more than one kind of ice luge. Channel luges have the path for the liquor or drink cut directly into the ice. Because the luge consist of a groove cut into the surface of the sculpture, there are some design limits for these sorts of luges. The sculpture has to be designed around the luge track for it to work properly.

The other kind of ice luge is the tube luge. With a tube luge, one or more vinyl tubes are frozen into the ice sculpture. A funnel is attached to the top of each tube and the drinks are poured through the tube(s). Tube luge designs are a bit more flexible because a tube can usually be added to an ice sculpture after it's been mostly completed. This means that most ice sculpture designs can be made into ice luges.
What should you pour through an ice luge? Most often, ice luges are used to serve vodka-based martini sorts of drinks. That's why ice luges are often called martini luges. But "martini sorts of drinks" is a broad category and includes cosmopolitans and lots of other fruity vodka shots. And luging is by no means limited to vodka drinks. Tequila luges are growing in popularity and you really don't even have to have alcohol in the drink. However, creamy or thick drinks should be avoided, especially when poured through tube luges.

There's a dirty little secret about ice luges: whatever you pour through them should be pre-chilled. Channel luges definitely chill whatever's poured through them, but to make them last longer, whatever you pour through them should be cold already. On the other hand, with a tube luge, because of the tubing, there is not much concern about the luge making it through the event. But the drink doesn't usually spend much time in the luge and the tubing insulates it from the ice a bit, so if the drink isn't chilled beforehand, you run the risk of your guest wondering why the ice luge didn't work.