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These aren't your run of the mill jack-o-lanterns! Inspired by the artistry of pumpkin-master Ray Villafane, Dawson List of ice dragon creates custom, one-of-a-kind sculpted pumpkins for your special event. These pumpkins feature expressions ranging from creepy to cute and can add an extra dimension of squash-sculpted awesomeness to your fall event.

(Because of pumpkin availability, sculpted pumpkins are only available during a limited time of the year.)

pumpkin sculpting

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Ray Villafane of Villafane Studios started the sculpted pumpkin craze, but he can't sculpt them all! So we put down our chainsaws and turned our talents to warmer and more delicate pursuits, sculpting crazy expressions into perfectly suited pumpkins.

Have no fear! There will be more of these pumpkin atrocities and personalities, possibly even before we get to prime pumpkin season. (We have a few extra pumpkins on ice from last year.)