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People on the Gulf Coast are passionate about their sports teams! Whether you're talking the pros or college teams, fans will go all out for their favorites. We've been privileged to be able to work on several sculptures related to the success of the Saints and we've gotten the opportunity to do some “cool” sculptures for the Hornets (now Pelicans). We try not to pick favorites with the college teams because you never know which SEC team is going to win it all next year! The only thing we're certain about is that it's definitely going to be exciting!

sports and school-related ice sculptures

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It's an exciting time to be a football fan along the Gulf Coast, and we've been fortunate enough to join in the fun! The last eight college football national championships have been won by schools in states along the Gulf Coast and in January, it will be nine, with Auburn and Florida State playing. We've carved ice sculptures related to all of these schools, whether it was for the schools themselves, or for their organizations or fans. And of course, there's been pro football excitement too, with Super Bowls in 2002 and 2013, and best of all, the Saints' Super Bowl win in 2010!

A number of Saints players have charitable foundations and we've had the opportunity to work with many of them. After the Saints won Super Bowl XLIV, we decided to combine football, ice sculpting and charity with our Cool Brees Project and the result was a nine foot tall Cool Brees ice sculpture and a couple of thousand dollars donation to the Brees Dream Foundation.

We've found that our sports and school-related ice sculptures frequently end up at weddings. At first, this was kind of a surprise, but it really makes perfect sense. Passionate fans and alumni that happen to be getting married like to add a personal touch to their receptions, so you might find a team or school represented in a grooms cake or an ice sculpture. Oftentimes, the ice sculpture is an ice luge at a martini bar.