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Some of the most fun and interesting ice sculptures we do are for events with a theme. For example, in the photo at left, the party had clearly gone to the dogs! Catahoula's Restaurant in historic Grand Couteau, La. decided to make one of our ice sculptures the centerpiece for their grand opening. Along with delicious food, the restaurant features large photos of Catahoula breed dogs all along the walls, so our ice was a perfect compliment to the decor.

If you have a theme or a look for your event, we can design a sculpture that will complement it. There are few limitations with ice and you can be sure that we'll provide a dazzling centerpiece for your event!

themed designs

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There's almost an infinite variety of themes available for special events. One we run in to frequently, however, is the "winter wonderland" theme. This probably because ice sculptures are go-to decorations for this theme. We have lots of snowflakes and other icy designs. Other possibilities might be a snowball fight scene or perhaps Jack Frost or an ice queen.

Another natural setting for ice sculptures is fire and ice themed events. You can keep the fire and the ice separate, but if you really want to go crazy, run the fire through the ice! Check out our fire god tiki head ice sculptures to see what we mean. (There's a pic above and a video at the bottom of the gallery.)
Ice sculptures have a long standing relationship with fresh seafood largely because the ice helps keep the seafood tasty throughout an event. Not surprisingly, there are a LOT of sea life ice sculpture possibilities. We have several mermaid and dolphin concepts as well as tons of fish sculpture designs.

Because of its physical characteristics, ice is well suited to art deco designs and ice sculptors often incorporate art deco stylings in their sculptures. Art deco often features bold lines and an emphasis on silhouette. Popular in the years between WWI and WWII, the style is prominent in the recent Great Gatsby movie, and and fits, for example a Roaring 20's theme very well.
Of course, a theme we're regularly asked to work with is a New Orleans/Mardi Gras look. And we have lots of designs for this. For more example, make sure to look at the Nola gallery page.