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You might remember the Visa commercial with the baby girl that already has her heart set on ice sculptures for her wedding reception. The right ice display brings that WOW factor that you're looking for on that special day. And compared to other sorts of reception decorations, ice sculptures are a great value.

Below are a few of the many ice pieces that we've provided for spectacular wedding receptions all over the Gulf Coast. The scrollwork fleur-de-lis shown at left (in this case incorporating a monogram and dual martini luges) is one of our most popular pieces. Ice Dragon guarantees a high level of sculpture quality, as well as timely delivery, and professional set up. Custom and personalized sculptures are always available, so there's no need to choose from the designs in the gallery below if you have something special in mind.

a few of our wedding designs

You can hover over the picture titles for more information about the ice sculptures, or click the photos for a larger view (and to tweet or like them!)

Many of the ice sculptures that we create for wedding receptions are ice luges and are displayed at a martini bar. (You can find out more about ice luges on our ice luge page.) Often, a sculpture design can be easily converted to an ice luge and in fact, in the pictures above, you see our scrollwork fleur de lis piece both as a normal ice sculpture and as a two track ice luge.

The ice sculptures above are all custom pieces and they all show different types of customization. Carson the dog obviously couldn't be there for the reception at Southern Oaks, so he was there with his family in ice. With the tuna, deep-sea fishing was important to the groom, so the ice sculpture was kind of like his groom's cake. The third sculpture, of course, is the couple's monogram, while the last sculpture has been customized with the couples' colors for the wedding.
Ice sculptures are very versatile and can play many roles at your reception. They can be a part of the food presentation, a major attraction at a martini bar, or just a photo opportunity for your guests. We're happy to discuss the various ways that you might be able to integrate the beauty of ice sculptures into your special day.

The swan is the classic wedding ice sculpture, largely because it's a very effective ice carving and offers the symbolism of the swan's monogamous reputation. Hearts and doves are also classic symbols that work well as ice sculptures and we have a variety of designs that incorporate them.
We have a wide selection of ice sculpture designs in addition to the classics, however. As wedding styles change, ice sculpture designs change right along with them. Recent ice sculpture designs often have more contemporary styling and we're happy to match the look of our ice sculptures to the style of your reception. Our ice sculptures are made-to-order and you should have yours made just the way you want them.