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ordering an ice dragon ice sculpture

Fast links for this page (make sure you read the important information below, however!):
Check availability for your date, time, and location
Download a copy of our contract
Pay for your sculpture online with a credit/debit card, if you like

The short version of the ordering process for an ice dragon ice sculpture or sculptures is as follows:
- Check our availability for your event
- Discuss and come to an agreement on the sculpture(s) and pricing
- Contract and deposit (the contract will spell out the final payment details)
- Final preparations, final payment as agreed, and sculpture delivery

To check our availability, we need the following information from you:
- your contact info
- date and time of the event (start and end)
- location of the event and whether the event is inside or outside
- any ideas you have about what sort of ice sculpture(s) you would like
- any sort of budget that you need to stay within

We’ll check our availability for your time, date, and location and suggest a sculpture or sculptures that meet your budget guidelines and match (as best we can on the first try) the vision in your mind’s eye for your ice presentation. If you’re looking for a sculpture that we’ve done in the past (or something similar to what we’ve done) then we’ll be happy to supply photos or drawings of the previous sculptures as long as they’re available. We love to do custom sculptures and most of our pieces are customized or personalized in some way.

Almost the entire ordering process can be done online if you like. The availability check and sculpture/pricing discussion can be done via this website and email. After confirmation of our availability and when you’re ready to put your order in writing, you can download a copy of our contract. The contract can then be scanned and emailed, or you can mail it to us. (You'll soon be able to complete much of your contract via the website!) A deposit payment must accompany or precede the contract for it to be valid. Until a deposit payment is received and accepted, dates will not be reserved! Payment can be sent by check, money order, or made online with a credit or debit card. Mail should be sent to the following:

Dawson List
ice dragon ice sculptures
1911 Ryders Ln.
Mobile, AL 36605

If you would like to meet in person to discuss your sculpture and complete a contract, then please let us know and we can make the appropriate arrangements to meet at a convenient place and time.
Finally, sculptures need to be ordered as early as possible and some dates will not be available. For the most part, we're taking orders for events beginning one year in advance. The earliest orders have priority for delivery arrangements and equipment availability.
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what we provide

Generally, we provide the display tray(s), basic white lighting, necessary extension cords (and duct tape, if necessary, to tape the cord down), any drainage containers, and, of course, the sculpture(s). The standard tray provided is a “disposable” tray that sits flat on the table. The lighting is placed just behind the tray to back and uplight the sculpture. Other trays (such as a specialized rotating tray) and lighting (such as battery operated LED lights or colored lighting) are available at an additional cost. We generally will not return to take down the sculpture and retrieve a standard tray set up. If disposal of the sculpture is an issue, then we can certainly make the appropriate arrangements, but additional charges may apply.

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what you should be prepared to provide

You should plan to provide or arrange for a sturdy, skirted table or some other appropriate support structure for the sculpture. We will not set up a sculpture if the supporting table or structure is weak, unstable, or otherwise inappropriate to support the weight of the sculpture! For example, single post, bar-style tables are usually a poor choice for an ice sculpture presentation. If an appropriate table is not available, then we can provide one at additional cost. Usually, a nearby electrical outlet is necessary (for the lighting) and if possible, there should be room under the table for the drainage container to be hidden (a bucket or otherwise). Battery operated LED lighting is a possibility (possibly at additional cost) when an electrical outlet is not available. You’ll want the sculpture to be placed in an appropriate space so that it’s visible and has the intended effect. Do not plan to place a sculpture in direct sunlight, even inside! If it’s placed against a wall, then a darker, simple background is generally preferable to a lighter one. Placing an ice sculpture very close to a white wall can significantly decrease its visual impact. (Green leafy plants between the sculpture and a light colored wall might offer a solution to this problem.) Also, try to avoid placing a sculpture directly in front of an air conditioning vent or something similar. Moving air will make a sculpture melt much faster.

It’s suggested that you plan to have extra table linens available to use at the base of the sculpture and around the display tray. If you’re using a florist, consider requesting floral decoration at the base of the sculpture as well. Should you have any questions about the sculpture set up details, don’t hesitate to call (504-289-8977) or email.