360˚ ice sculptures

Showing you sculptures on a flat computer screen leaves a bit to be desired! So, in an effort to show a little more, we've started to make some of these 360˚ photo sequences of our ice sculptures. They aren't perfect (they don't work well on mobile devices yet), but they're very COOL if you're on a desktop computer. We have more in the works, but here are 2 1/2 of them. (We'll add a larger pelican version later; you might have seen the pelican already on other parts of the site.)
Spin the pics either way with your mouse, as fast or as slow as you want.

This swan sculpture is ready for display and the pictures were taken just before the event started while it was on a rotating tray with color changing lighting.

The photos of this castle sculpture were taken in the freezer while it was lit with an purple LED light. One downside of the 360˚ pics: you can see that this castle wasn't precisely straight up and down. If it were a real castle and had to last a few centuries rather than a few hours…well, it might have come down a little prematurely. But as an ice sculpture, no problem!